With all things, a�?technicala�� there are bound to be questions you want to ask before deciding on what to do or which way to go. The great news is you have already decided you want more control of your heating and hot water and therefore your energy bills. Studies have shown that effective management of your homea��s heating and hot water requirements can make significant savings on your annual energy bills. Easytherm can help you achieve this by simplifying the whole management process wherever you are, whenever you want. It is easy.

Like everything we do at Easytherm we have tried to keep this section of the website as simple as possible, removing as much jargon and specific technical information as we can, although we have not removed it all, after all it is a technical product!

If you are an end user, use this section as a guide. In addition, if you do not find the solution here, then consult our comprehensive online instruction manuals also within this section. You can also visit our tutorial section where there are a number of installation, configuration and operational videos that demonstrate the basics of setting up and using your Easytherm controller. And… If you have a real humdinger of a question for which you have failed to track the solution then send us an email, info@easytherm.co.uk and in the subject header simply type FAQ. We will respond to your query as quickly as possible and we will post your question and solution here in our FAQ section.


We have split this our FAQ section into 3 key areas

  1. Before you Start: Pre Easytherm Installation
  2. Installation: During Installation
  3. Using Easytherm: Post Installation


Please Note: There is a one starting point to all of the questions we have listed in our FAQs and that is, if you can, ask your chosen / potential installer. If you have chosen one of our approved installers, they have been fully trained to advise and assist with any query. From determining the type of heating system / boiler you have and its compatibility with Easytherm. Through to Internet set up and connection.


1. Before you start – Pre Easytherm Installation

Will Easytherm be compatible with my heating system?

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In determining the type of heating system you have and whether it is compatible or not, the easiest solution is to ask a qualified heating and plumbing specialist. If you opt to use one of our Installer partners as listed, they will contact you and ask a series of simple questions to deduce your system and advise regarding compatibility of the Easytherm controller.

There are many different types of heating system, Easytherm is compatible with the majority of set ups. Whether the common i??i??i??i??i??Ya�� plan or a�?Sa�� plan. Easytherm will be able to manage such systems. In older set ups the heated water uses gravity to move around your radiators and pipes. Easytherm is comfortable either in a pumped or gravity fed system.

I have more than one a�?heating zonea�� will Easytherm be compatible?

Many homes in the UK have what is called a�?singlea�� zoned heating. This is quite simply, one heating circuit throughout the entire home, which is controlled by 1 channel on your controller. In newer installations and in larger homes heating circuits are being broken into a number of a�?zonesi??i??i?? the majority have a circuit that has two separate zones e.g., a�?upstairsa�� and downstairsa�� Other, more complex systems have more zones and my include separate under floor heating areas and multiple areas within differing rooms or levels of your home e.g. 3 / 4 storey homes.

Easytherm can easily control a number of differing zone combinations either through a single unit or the use of additional units. Your Easytherm installer will assist in deciding which is the best installation set up for you and your home.

I have an existing thermostat(s) will I need a new one?

Whether you have one or multiple thermostats Easytherm will work with your existing set up, therefore there is no need for additional expense or installation requirements.

The Easytherm unit itself has a built in thermostat so one can use that as your main controller if your Easytherm unit is located in an appropriate position. This also acts as your a�?Frost stata��.

Can I set my rooms at different temperatures?

Your Easytherm unit does not alter the temperature of rooms individually. The best method of controlling rooms on an individual basis is to install or use already installed thermostatic radiator vales and set to the desired temperature of that particular room. This will ensure that when your heating is on, the room will reach your set temperature and not over heat.

Will Easytherm be compatible with my boiler?

Multi Fuel, Gas, LPG, Oil, Electric, Solid Fuel (e.g. Biomass/Coal). Vented, Open-Vented, Combination, Regular, System a�� which one is yours?

Easytherm works with the majority of UK boilers both past and present models. However, there may be a number of exceptions and it is always worth checking with your installer and/or your boiler manufacturer if you have any doubts.

As previously stated, a general rule of thumb is that if it currently is controlled by a standard programmer it can be easily replaced with an Easytherm smart controller. Refer to our installation manual for more detailed information on our Easytherm controller.

Your installer will assist you in establishing suitability to your heating system and the boiler used to heat your hot water and heating system.

Note. There are a number of systems and boilers that we know are currently incompatible with the Easytherm smart controller. These are mainly driven by the existing relationship between your boiler and its existing control components. If your boiler is already pre programmed to work specifically with its own a�?smarta�� controller, the likelihood is that it will not work with another controller. We have listed known incompatible systems. If in doubt consult with your potential chosen installer who will advise accordingly.

However if you are prepared to be a little patient, Easytherm will be releasing a universal version of its Programmer which will also operate in cases where you have a boiler with its own integrated programmer.

Where can I install my Easytherm controller?

Easytherm has been manufactured to take advantage of the majority of existing installations and locating of existing boiler controls. The a�?standarda�� back plate means that when you remove your existing controller your Easytherm will snap straight on and be working in minutes.

For new build or for new installations, follow the guidelines of your installer who will ensure all requirements relating to any regulatory considerations will be undertake. If you are using your Easytherm as your main source of thermostatic control then it is important to consider where you wish to locate. If you are using Easytherm as a simple, a�?frosta�� stat mechanism then you need to consider how a�?warma�� the environment is and will it be representative to the rest of the heating system. If not then allowances can be made when detailing the temperature settings of your frost stat.

Do I need an internet connection to operate Easytherm?

Installation and operation of your Easytherm controller does not require a connection to the internet as all of the functionality of the mobile app is built into the programmer itself. Whilst the Easytherm controller is an intuitive easy to use controller, solely using the controller without connection to the internet means you miss all the fun! The beauty of having Easytherm installed is the ability to manage your homei??i??i??s heating and hot water requirements instantly and remotely. To do this one needs the ability to a�?diala�� into the a�?world wide weba�� to talk to your controller and issue it specific requests. The controller will, almost immediately, respond to your requests and then visibly let you know that it has done as you have instructed.



2. Installation: During Installation

For a comprehensive overview on installing your Easytherm controller, please click on our Easytherm Installation Manual within the useful stuff section.

For a short video tutorial on how to install your controller, click here.

How long does the installation take?

In most instances the installation will take a matter of minutes. If this is a replacement controller and that controller has a standard backplate, most of the work will be in configuring your Easytherm and installing the Easytherm app. If you watch the tutorial, you will see the principles of installation and the requirements for a standard installation. If you wish to move the location of your controller or there are other a�?non standarda�� requirements, then the time to install will vary. Your installer will give you a more detailed indication of time and works required to fully install and configure your Easytherm controller.

The Easytherm doesna��t have a remote thermostat can I use my existing thermostat?

In the majority of examples you will be able to use your existing thermostat, be that wired or wireless. Your installer will be best placed to identify what and how this can be achieved. Some thermostats are designed specifically to work with specific boilers and controllers. In this instance, your thermostat functionality may be impaired. It is always to check with your installer to establish suitability of existing equipment and any requirements therein.



3. Using Easytherm: Post Installation

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If you have a problem with your Easytherm unit there are a number of basic steps you can take before escalating to your installer.

  1. Check that there is power to the unit
  2. Check that you have internet connection
  3. Check that the internal battery is still operational

Refer to the troubleshooting section with the manuals or contact your Easytherm installer. If you cannot find the solution then please email us here at help@easytherm.co.uk with the subject header a�?Service Requesta��.

What do I if I have forgotten/lost my API Key or Password?

Your API key and ET number is a��a��……………..

In terms of your password – We are unable to view your password, as it is stored encrypted. We will therefore have to setA�a temporary password. You must ensure that you change this temporary password through when you next login as it will only last 24 hours before becoming disabled.

How do I use the app?

For a comprehensive overview on using your Easytherm app please visit our Easytherm Installation Manual within our a�?useful stuffa�� section.

For a short video tutorial on how to use your app, click here.

If I want to take advantage of the mobile app what must I do?

The starting point is to understand how you get internet in your home. The type of router, the quality of signal etc. Easytherm works with every network provider and every type of a�?legala�� router in the UK. Note. Some of the older a�?WEPa�� based systems, whilst compatible, need a lot more configuring (Go to Installation Manual for more details)

The key consideration is the a�?quality of signal a��between your Easytherm controller and your router. A good connection is key and you must check before attempting to operate your Easytherm remotely.

You can test your signal by simply taking your mobile device to the point where you will be installing your Easytherm controller. If your phone shows a week signal, consider making some small alterations to either the location of the unit or the location of your router. Small changes can have a significant impact in the quality of signal. If this fails to bring a satisfactory solution, you could consider the use of readily available internet extenders/boosters. These are plug in devices that boost the quality of your internet signal across your home.

Will my heating and hot water switch off if I lose my internet connection?

Quite simply, No. You have set your Easytherm controller as set of pre inputted schedules of events. These events will continue so long as you have power to your unit. Losing internet connection will only affect actions you wish to take remotely. Once you have internet connection back, you will be able to continue to make changes remotely. You will also be able to undertake any actions from the controller itself.

Is the information being transmitted via my app secure?

We take strict measures to protect your personal information and access to your system. This includes encrypting communication with our website and mobile apps using industry standard SSL encryption.

Access to your personal account is protected by the password you set the first time that you log in. We never store your password so if you forget then we will allocate you a temporary password so that you can log on. Once logged on you will be required to change your password, as the temporary password will expire in 24 hours.

I have moved into a house with an Easytherm controller what do I do?

Your Easytherm controller itself will continue to operate as a controller irrespective of end user. However, if you wish to take advantage of the remote facilities you will have to register your details with Easytherm home. There will be a one off administration charge of A?25 to get you up and running. If this is a first registration, i.e., you have moved into a new build then as the first registered keeper of the product this fee will be waived.